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Top 6 Singles Kit

Top 6 Singles Kit

$54.95 USD


Enjoy the full suite of top essential oils blends in our Top 6 Singles Kit. This comprehensive kit is meant to support you in your daily routines and give you the tools to protect and maximize your health. The kit includes:

Eucalyptus: its deeply refreshing aroma can enrich your home in every season and relieve feelings of congestion. The green minty scent can also be used to dispel nervous exhaustion and mental fatigue. 

Lavender: a sweet, with a hint of woody spice, essential oil, lavender supports so many aspects of wellbeing. Adding a few drops in a diffuser will fill your home with a gentle scent to calm and soothe overtaxed bodies and minds.

Lemona dynamic oil that freshens a stale space and purifies your home. Also, consider it as your go-to oil for green cleaning -- it is a natural degreaser and is great for kitchen and bathroom surfaces.

Peppermintan essential oil with a kick of pure energy and focus without the sugar or jitters of a caffeine binge. The potent scent of pure Peppermint essential oil can wake you up and refresh your mind when you feel sluggish or dull.

Sweet Orangea full-strength essential oil that helps when energy flags at work. Breathe pure orange for a second wind without the caffeine jitters or extra sugar that comes with soda or energy drinks.

Tea Tree: (or Melaleuca) a potent, astringent essential oil helps fight against airborne threats and surface grime. Use it to support skin health, to make an all-natural all-purpose cleaner for your home, or diffuse to create clean, calming environment.